This is the official site of the company Sica-99 LTD.

      The company was founded in 1990 and its main activity is the design and manufacture of:

  • Plants for dry construction mixtures

  • Microdosing systems

  • Mixers for dry construction mixtures

  • Mixers for concrete units

  • Mixers for feed mixtures

  • Mixers and dosing systems in stainless steel

  • Distribution Pipe (4,6,8,12-road)

  • Redlers, Elevators, Screw, Cyclones

  • Two-way valves, butterfly valves - mechanical, pneumatic and electric

  • Gate valves - mechanical, pneumatic and electric

  • Dusting bag filters (8.16, 24 and 30 bags)

  • Dryers

  • Conveyor belts, Belt Scales

  • Packing machines for filling valve bags and open

  • mouth bags

  • Sieves for sand and cereal components

  • Portion scales - dispensers

  • Automotive and electronic technology scales

  • Hoppers and cells, Skips

  • Concrete units

  • Automated control systems and management processes.