Plants for dry construction:

Systems for the production of dry building mixtures of 6 to 10 t / h


        The product range of high-tech products have a wide range of applications in various fields:

  • Production of machinery and equipment installations for the production of dry building mixtures and liquid plasters;

  • Production of compound feed mixes, flour mills and creamery industries;

  • Food processing industry;

  • Packing machines, weight measuring and dosing systems

       High productivity, reliability and quality are typical for the products offered.

       Technological processes are automated with modern equipment and the subjective impact is minimized.
       Used programmable controllers and operator stations for the visualization of the current state of the sites allow continuous monitoring and the ability to backup in a database of relevant events.

       Systems are built on a modular principle which allows a flexible design, multi-variability and the possibility of offering individual components:

  • Micro and makro-dosing;

  • Mixing;

  • Transportation;

  • Packaging;

  • Aspiration and pneumatic transport systems;

  • Dryers, etc.