Production of pellets from wood biomass is renewable, energy saving and environmental technology. As raw materials for this installation can be used:

                  - sawdust;

                  - waste from the forest - brush, branches, bark.


              Consistency in technology in the production of pellets Q = 1 t / h

              Raw material Lodging - (1)

              Fragmentation - (2)

              Drying - (3)

              Pressing / pelletizing - (4)

              Cooling - (5)

              Screening - (6)

              Packaging - ( 7)


                (1) Submission of the raw material

               Submission of the raw material is carried out through silo and conveyor belt /or redler / transporting material to the crushing machine.


          (2) Fragmentation

          For the fragmentation, a hammer grinder is used. It is appropriate for grinding of brush, branches and bark. After milling the size of the raw material is no more than 3-5 mm in diameter, which makes it suitable for further palletizing.


          (3) Drying

         For raw materials which have moisture exceeding 12 percent is necessary to install the oven. There, the raw material is dried to below 12% humidity. In the oven at high speed hot air is brought to 250 0C. As a result an exchange between hot air and raw materials is obtained. In the drying process fresh cold air is heated in a combustion chamber (pos.3.1) and is fed into the oven. By coil feeding system - pos.3 /screw dryer/ the moistened material, mixed with hot air is transported to landings block (pos.3.2). Dried material is loaded with cyclone-filter, and used air is released into the atmosphere.


          (4) Pressing

         The press for the production of pellets is equipped with automatic temperature control and is designed to produce wood pellets with high density.


           (5) Cooling

           Cooling is done by a machine of "Cooler" type. It has a cylindrical-conical shape. Warm pellets proceed through a central hole and fall onto a grid /grill/. Cold air is sucked by a fan, passes through the grid and contacts the hot pellets. In the cooler is mounted rod which is driven by a geared motor and inverter to drive its speed depending on the temperature of the pellets.


           (6) Sieving

          Next to the cooler a control flat-screen is mounted. Its purpose is to otsyava broken pellets and occasional junk.


           (7) Packaging

            The packaging is made of a packing machine for open bags


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 Production Line

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Production Line

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