The biomass of plant origin as a source of energy is used more and more. Vegetable oil fuel may be obtained without a special cultivation - just use what literally lies beneath our feet.

      Firstly - this is the straw remaining on the fields in large quantities. The use of straw allows the development of decentralized energy that uses local types of fuel.

      Straw is quite difficult to use as a feedstock for direct combustion because of its low density. To obtain high-quality fuel, straw must undergo processing, the result of which is - fuel granules (pellets).    

      The production line for pellets made of straw is composed of:

  1. Roller conveyor, bales of straw (11 m.; 0,25 kW motor-reducer with frequency converter, two chains; dimensions, mm:

          L = 11,426; B = 1700; H = 2260).   

  1. Mill-cutter, up to 1,3 t / h; rotor engine 37 kW.

  2. Cyclone with gateway shutter, with 1,5 kW motor-reducer.

  3. Hopper with agitator.

  4. Screw towards press

  5. Press

  6. Qooler

  7. Elevator

  8. Packing unit

  9. Equipment for air purification.   

  10. Electronic control cabinet.

       Grinding is done in two stages. At first, grinding of rolls and bales Is done, after which the raw material enters the grinder where it is crushing to a particle size required for granulation. The whole process of digestion is aimed at lessening fraction of the feedstock to "facilitate" the work of the granulator. Rule one: the smaller particles fall within the press chamber, the less load is for the engine and matrix rollers. Accordingly, the operational life of t the press increases. After crushing the resulting material is pressed into solid pellets with equal   shape. The degree of size reduction is about 7 - 8 times.

       Large energy savings in the production of pellets from straw provides that straw (when properly stored) does not require further drying.

      The total electrical power throughout the complex to produce pellets from straw was 190 kW.

       It was found that the calorific value of these chips has 4111 kcal / kg and the density is 610,7 kg / m 3. These data indicate that the granules of straw in calorific value and density are consistent with the pellets from wood sawdust.

Production line     First View


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Production line Second View


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