Sika-99 Company Ltd. was established in 1990 as a new destination for Industrial Weighing department of the Institute of Automation. For the past years the company produced and sold more than 200 automotive scales of different types, over 100 packaging machines, 50-60 dosing machines and complex automated systems and technological lines using load cells based devices in the country and abroad .

           During this period, production is developed for load cells and specialized electronic equipment for them. Increasing attention in the company is payd to the improvement of technical indicators, the creation of specialized load cells based devices complying with the requirements of the client and the associated ancillary devices – feeder devices and closing apparatus, hoppers, platforms, dedusting plants sieves, and other ancillary structures.

           The company has experienced professionals - engineers, designers, electronic specialists and highly qualified professional, as well as a powerful production base, enabling quality and fast production, delivery, installation and turnkey transmission.

           Available to clients of the company are well-organized service activities, permitting assistance and maintenance in the shortest time.         

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